Olaf finished his travels!

Olaf traveled across the USA during January. We posted of his visit to the Statue of Liberty and then down to the Everglades. Once he left Florida he traveled north and then west to visit the man made landmark that features four former Presidents! Yes, Mount Rushmore! We learned that Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota and that it took 14 years to complete. The four Presidents featured were: George Washington to represent the birth our our country, Jefferson for the growth of our nation, Roosevelt for the development of our nation and Lincoln for the preservation of our nation. Olaf thinks his face looks good on the mountain too!

Famous Landmark and Mountain Sculpture –


From South Dakota, Olaf traveled south and west

again to another natural landmark. This landmark

was made by the erosion of the wind and the

Colorado River. Yes, you guessed it … the Grand

Canyon in Arizona. We learned that the Grand Canyon

is 277 miles in length and at it’s widest point it is 18 miles wide. It is 6000 feet deep. It has all three types of rocks there: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. The Native American Pueblo tribe and nine other tribes call it home.  Be careful Olaf, don’t fall! We are glad Olaf enjoyed his travels and that he headed East back to GPS and is now hiding around the learning commons on the shelves just waiting for hugs!!

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