Where is Olaf?

With our small dusting of snow, our scouts have gotten excited about snow and are hoping to see more. Of course they love everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf. So… the Learning Commons team decided we would work on a little geography and national landmarks at the same time along with our friend, Olaf.

We first had our news show hosts read the new the book, Hide and Hug Olaf on the news show. In the story, Olaf wants to play hide and seek. Since we saw him on the show we know he was in Gilbert, SC. He is leaving us clues each day for us to try to guess where he may be hiding. His first destination is North and East of SC. On Tuesday, the news show showed us a video of what Olaf’ is seeing from the top of where he is hiding. There was a big city in the background with lots of water and ships. Wonder what landmark that could be?

Each day the news show will share a clue from Olaf during the month on January. His hiding place will be revealed on Friday mornings during the show. Get out your maps and map apps and follow him with us! Be sure to ask your scout each day what the clue was for the day and talk about possible locations and landmarks. Have fun!

Close your eyes and count to 10…..

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