November Voting at GPS!

In Social Studies during November, students will be studying about government. Since this was an election year, teachers and staff wanted the students to have an opportunity to go through the voting process.

To make it a little more fun for our young students, teachers and staff worked in 12 teams to use pumpkins to make book characters. We used carvable craft pumpkins so that they can be kept and used in the Learning Commons for years to come.

They were placed on display in the school lobby so that students can browse them on Monday before they vote. Books the characters are in are also on display beside the characters. Students will vote using a google doc that has been uploaded to their class SeeSaw accounts.

Check out these awesome creations! img_3389 img_3387 img_3385 img_3384 img_3383 img_3382 img_3381 img_3380 img_3379 img_3378 img_3377 img_3376

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