Dot Day Fun

GPS has been celebrating Dot Day all week! Our kindergarten students used the ColAr app. We colored a dot and the app made our dots come to life!

First graders sewed dots together to make dot balls. We had two parent volunteers come in to help. Thanks Ms. Chester and Ms. Juergens! We enjoyed sewing!

Second graders made cards for the soldiers by making a scribble machine that drew a design on the paper. The scribble machine was made with yogurt cups and plastic drink cups, a battery, a toy motor, markers and lots of tape!

We also held several Skype sessions with other students mostly on the East coast. Several classes in Vermont, a class in Massachusetts, a class in Maryland and the furtherest in Oregon! One of our first grade classes did an art project with their Skype class. We decorated a dot then cut it in half and sent them one half and they sent us one half. Then we put them together to make a friendship dot! IMG_0009 IMG_0013 IMG_0016 IMG_0017 IMG_1431 IMG_1436 IMG_1437 IMG_1414 IMG_1441 IMG_1428

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